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7 Best Apple Watch Apps for Students

Wondering why you should consider investing in health applications on your apple watch? Well, this article is for you! As a student, managing your routine and having a student-personal life balance can be quite tricky and challenging. Hence, the best apple watch apps for students have been mentioned in this

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5 Reasons Why I Don’t Like the Apple Watch

You probably noticed that we didn’t cover this week’s Apple launches, not because we didn’t care, but because it was all so predictable. Everything happened according to plan and everything that was leaked came true, maybe aside from the iWatch details… First of all, the device is called Apple Watch,

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iPod TiMPO Watchphone Looks Interesting

Time for a break from the usual iPhone concepts, so now we’re checking out a wrist watchphone with the iPod branding on. Created by Matthew Seibert, the iPod TiMPO features the same iPhone OS interface, a couple of front buttons, a Home button, a capacitive touchscreen display and wireless earbuds.

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