iPhone 6 Render Involves 4.2 Inch Display, More Compact Case (Video)

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The latest iPhone 6 design comes from Russia, courtesy of AppleInsider.ru, who also did a video of the device. We’re dealing with a thinner and lighter iPhone, that also packs a bigger display, stereo speakers and offers multiple color options.


This iPhone 6 involves a wider case than the iPhone 5 and also thinner bezels, plus a thinner case. The device measures 108.5 mm x 55.7 mm x 7.1 mm and it weighs 104 grams, which is very light. Apple is also said to use the iPad Mini screen technology to avoid page turns done by mistake via screen touches, caused by the tiny bezels. Also, notice the lack of a Home button, making the handset even more compact.

Gesture or motion controls will replace that and maybe even palm gestures. The iPhone 6 with 4.2 inch display gets to keep the same 1136 x 640 pixel resolution as the iPhone 5, keeping the developers less busy with a new resolution for their apps. Of course, in the future we’ll see a jump in res, but not right now. What’s next? A 4.8 inch iPhone obviously, with a Full HD resolution!


[via AppleInsider.ru]