iPhone 6 Concept Uses Transparent Display, 10 Megapixel Camera

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In lack of the usual avalanche of iPhone concepts, we’re stuck with searching such devices all over the web. This is the way we’ve found the interesting design created by Eric Huismann, a German designer who imagined that the iPhone 6 will have a transparent display.

iPhone6 transparent 1

This handset is 17% thinner than the already very thin iPhone 5 and it comes with a 10 megapixel camera with Full HD video capture. Inside it we find the Apple A7 processor and the screen keeps the 4 inch diagonal, but it’s transparent this time. We’ve seen a see through iPhone before, but not in such a detailed view.

Keep in mind that the display is completely transparent, while the bottom and top areas stay opaque. iOS 7 is present on board and there’s even a promise of a November launch date from the designer. There are many advantages for a transparent iPhone, like an improved camera viewfinder, a ton of augmented reality apps and cooler effects to play within the interface. Will this device ever exist?

[Via apfelpage.de]