Windows Phone 9 Basic Ideas Concept

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David Jeba sent us an email showing us a concept/vision of what Windows Phone 9 may end up looking like and some of its features. Meanwhile, this summer we should get the Windows Phone 8.1 release aka Windows Phone Blue, so we’re in for a much longer wait till WP9, probably coming in 2014.

windows phone 9 concept

The idea of this WP9 concept is that we get to group apps in 1 or 4 (folders?) and get an unified notification system that will launch the respective app. There’s also an individual group lockscreen and settings control, plus a partition manager for the memory. You can also configure the user profile account manager and probably add more accounts/users, like in Android 4.2.

What I want from Windows Phone 9? Well, definitely an improved notification system, tiles that are truly dynamic, not only in name, maybe a system of overlapping tiles to save room on the screen… perhaps a better camera UI, that doesn’t require so many swipes to get around. What do you want from the future OS?

[Thanks David Jeba]

  • david jeba

    Thanks for publishing my concept.

    The reason why i conceptualized this is

    1.after installing more than 100 apps in my mobile its clearly a mess.
    2.Grouping is not new, its already there in Windows 8 start screen
    3.Well, i call its Windows Start Hub
    4.With this multiple-instance of apps would be helpful[say, i can launch my whatsapp in “Work hub” with official contacts where as whatsapp in “personal hub” will have personal contacts.
    5.different theme, lock screen, settings for different hubs will truly enable us to be more smart, organized and will deliver a multi-personal device.
    6.Multi-personality device is a vital concept today maybe Microsoft should patent it so that no other mobile os offers such a unique feature
    7.Partition manager is my personal requirement 🙂

  • rakesh ranjan

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