Windows Phone 9 Basic Ideas Concept

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David Jeba sent us an email showing us a concept/vision of what Windows Phone 9 may end up looking like and some of its features. Meanwhile, this summer we should get the Windows Phone 8.1 release aka Windows Phone Blue, so we’re in for a much longer wait till WP9, probably coming in 2014.

windows phone 9 concept

The idea of this WP9 concept is that we get to group apps in 1 or 4 (folders?) and get an unified notification system that will launch the respective app. There’s also an individual group lockscreen and settings control, plus a partition manager for the memory. You can also configure the user profile account manager and probably add more accounts/users, like in Android 4.2.

What I want from Windows Phone 9? Well, definitely an improved notification system, tiles that are truly dynamic, not only in name, maybe a system of overlapping tiles to save room on the screen… perhaps a better camera UI, that doesn’t require so many swipes to get around. What do you want from the future OS?

[Thanks David Jeba]