New iPhone 6 Design by Martin Hajek Features Edge to Edge Display

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The large majority of the iPhone 6 designs have involved in one way or the other an edge to edge display. Now Martin Hajek has created a new iPhone 6 concept and it’s a very sexy one with a display with virtually no bezels.

iPhone 6 Martin Hajek concept 1

This model has a very thin body and looks very hot. This handset has a 4.7 inch display and sticks with the leaked schematics, molds and cases that have appeared on the web over the past few days. French publication Nowhereelse has commissioned designed Martin Hajek to use the leaks and create a very realistic iPhone 6.

iPhone 6 Martin Hajek concept 2

The side bezels are very small here and we also get a view of some cases created especially for this unit. We also see curved edges for this smartphone, that’s supposed to be 20% thinner than the iPhone 5s. The two tone back of the device is now gone and the plastic area on the top and bottom is also gone.

Also, the speaker at the bottom is now singular, while the 8 shaped dual LED setup from the iPhone 5s has become a single LED one and the camera seems bigger. I love the red version of the iPhone 6. How about you?

iPhone 6 Martin Hajek concept 3

iPhone 6 Martin Hajek concept 4

iPhone 6 Martin Hajek concept 5

iPhone 6 Martin Hajek concept 6

iPhone 6 Martin Hajek concept 7

[via Martin Hajek]

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