iPhone 6 With OIS Camera Designed And Detailed in Fresh Clip (Video)

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It’s time for yet another iPhone design published by ConceptsiPhone, this time one based on a brand new camera. This iPhone 6 concept has a camera with OIS and a liquid metal chassis.

iphone 6 ois concept 1

The rendering is done by Amine Kaddari and shows us an iPhone 6 with OIS and a 4.8 inch display. TouchID is still here integrated into the Home button and the camera at the back will has a dual LED flash. The physical buttons on the side are totally changed and look more like triggers now. I was also shocked to find the audio jack at the top again and to see that the camera hole is quite tiny.

iphone 6 ois concept 2

This iPhone render is also rather fat and wide for a modern Apple device, I have to say. I sense a slight iPhone 3GS resemblance and I have to say this is not one of the my favourite designs I’ve seen lately. What would you change about it?

iphone 6 ois concept 3


[via ConceptsiPhone]

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