iPhone 6 Gets Rendered, Feels More Like iPhone 7 if You Ask Me

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If the latest iPads are anything to judge Apple by, the company likes to take baby steps when upgrading its products. That’s why the iPhone 6 may feel like a modest upgrade from the iPhone 5s, but it will probably have a bigger screen.

iPhone 6 render 1

The design proposed here feels more like iPhone 7, since it tends to be far more than Apple can achieve with current technologies. As you can see, the whole concept of picture taking has been redefined with a view lock, made for video recording, allowing you to record upside down in crazy angles for example. There’s also a focus and zoom area, that will be accessed by sliding your finger.

iphone 6 render 2

Back to the design here, this Phone 6 render involves an edge to edge display, that seems to also extend to the sides. The sides will display controls as well, so they’ll have to be reasonably thick. The handset also seems to be longer than previous iPhones and the materials here would have to be next gen, maybe magnesium and a new type of glass.  As for the specs, I’m guessing an A7x CPU, 2 GB of RAM, 64 GB of storage and maybe an eye iris scanner.

[via Deviantart]

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