iPhone 6 Unofficial Render by Techradar: Much More Rounded and Polished (Video)

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Here’s an iPhone 6 unofficial render that this time comes from reputed site Techradar. The device uses a liquidmetal body and it measures a crazy 5.5 mm in thickness, making it incredibly slim.

iphone 6 techradar concept

This is basically a response to the Samsung Galaxy S5, a brand new design to rule all smartphones out there. This model’s back is more rounded than the last few iPhones, I have to say. It has pill shaped buttons, like the iPad Mini and it sports a bezel free display, a first of its kind. The screen is now a 4.7 incher with Full HD resolution.

This iPhone 6 concept uses a sapphire crystal display with self healing coat, eliminating all imperfections caused by using the device. There’s no Home button now and you can interact with TouchID straight from the bezel below the screen. At the back we’ve got a 13 megapixel iSight camera with ring flash, meaning the flash is not available separately, but rather as a ring around the camera.

I see this as more of a 2015 phone than a 2014 one…


[via Techradar]

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