iPhone 6C Rendered as iPhone C… Just C! (Video)

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Rendered by Joseph Farahi, the following iPhone 6C concept will actually be called just iPhone C. This is supposed to be the follow-up to the iPhone 5C, an affordable handset with a plasticky case and a more modern design.

iphone 6c 1

The device’s diagonal will increase and its thickness will decrease. The iPhone C measures 7.1 mm in thickness and integrates a bigger 4.7 inch display, a Retina one that almost has no bezels. At the back there’s an 8 megapixel camera with True Tone flash and 120 FPS video recording. We’ve got a Touch ID upfront, a white/black front panel and a variety of colors available for the handset’s case.

iphone 6c 2

This iPhone 6C weighs 116 grams, has stereo sound in/out, Lightning 2 connectivity (faster charging and data transfer) and Mini Aux, like an older iPhone 6 concept. If you want to check out more detailed shots of the device you can find them on Ovalpicture, the site of the designer behind the mockup.


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