iPhone 7 Concept with iOS 10 Rendered With USB Type C Port and Borderless Display (Video)

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Today we have an excellent concept phone for you and simply because it’s highly detailed and includes both fresh hardware and software. It’s the iPhone 7 with iOS 10, rendered by iPhone-Tricks.com and they do have quite a few tricks up their sleeves.

iPhone 7 concept iOS 10 1

The handset comes with an USB Type C port and a borderless screen, what people like to call an edge to edge display. This render involves an OLED panel with a 5.4 inch diagonal and a resolution of 2048 x 1080 pixels. The physical homescreen button has been integrated within the screen and responds to the movement in the lower area of the handset.

iPhone 7 concept iOS 10 2

iOS 10 now shows icons in two sizes and once you swipe down on an icon, you will see more info about it, sort of like a widget. Back to the phone, it sports the Apple A10 processor, M10 motion coprocessor and Dolby Surround speakers. iOS 10 also offers the option to expand the number of apps within your dock area. From what I can see in the video below, swiping on the virtual Home button lets you move between messages or even trigger apps in a very intuitive fashion.

Some excellent ideas here, so expect Apple to borrow them.

iPhone 7 concept iOS 10 3

iPhone 7 concept iOS 10 4

[via iPhone tricks]

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