iPhone 7 Gets New Design Approach From Romanian Designer Radu Cristian

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We have seen a variety of design approaches for the iPhone 7, some of them sci-fi and some of them pragmatic. Some designers got rid of the Home button and of the volume buttons and placed virtual buttons instead. Designer Radu Cristian from Romania goes with a more classic approach.

iphone 7 concept radu cristian

He envisions the smartphone as a metallic slab, without those plastic cutouts for antenna and with a very, very small camera. The handset is quite slim, has very narrow bezels and keeps the Home button. This iPhone 7 concept was made in Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects. There’s a certain massive vibe about this model, something that makes it feel monolithic.

It’s probably the lack of elements that pause its continuous lines and that ongoing slab of metal thing. I notice two speakers at the bottom and a frame colored different than the back. What do you think?

[via Behance]

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