iPhone 7 Premium Model Gets Rendered With Rounded Top and Bottom, Glass and Metal Mix

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I hope I’m not boring you with the large influx of iPhone 7 concepts, each with a different angle regarding the future Apple flagship. Today’s model is the one created by Dusan Djokic, that uses premium materials, like glass and metal.

iPhone 7 premium concept 1

This model is slimmer and a bit more seamless than the current gen iPhone. The real innovation here is the rounded top and bottom and somehow this model is a bit closer to the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 rather than the iPhone 6 for example. The Home button area is very small and glossy and feels more like a camera or sensor, rather than the regular “pressy” button.

iPhone 7 premium concept 2

I can imagine that the area below the screen is a touchscreen or touchpad itself, seeing how it looks. I spotted an USB Type C port at the bottom and the volume buttons have now returned to the circular approach of the older models. The metal is glossier than ever on the frames and the screen has an edge to edge vibe here. This is quite the unusual iPhone…

iPhone 7 premium concept 3

iPhone 7 premium concept 4

iPhone 7 premium concept 5

iPhone 7 premium concept 6

iPhone 7 premium concept  7

[via Yanko Design]

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