Ergo Watch Concept Looks a Bit Like an Earpiece… or a Submarine

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If you’re fed up with Apple concept phones, tablets and the works, you may enjoy the following Ergo Watch. Created by designer Jeabyun Yeon, this model goes with the idea that too many watches are rectangular or round nowadays and people may want something different.

Ergo watch concept 1

The Ergo Watch has a singular screen, but thanks to its elongated design, it’s able to split the display in 3 different units. Each shows another piece of info, like texts, weather and the battery level for example. The watch adopts an ellipsoid metal body and leaves quite generous bezels for the screen. The screen reminds me of the dashboard of a motorcycle, since it merges 3 circular hubs.

It can display one single thread of information or three separate feeds. Of course, this means it can’t run any of the current OSes, like Android Wear or Tizen and would require its own smartwatch platform. As far as I can see, the designer imagined it with a Pebble-like black and white approach, so it’s easy to work with such an UI and associated apps.

Ergo watch concept 2

Ergo watch concept 4

Ergo watch concept 3

[via Yanko Design]

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