iPhone 7 Rendered by Xerix93, Comes With iOS 9, Full HD Display

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Now that the iPhone 6 results are in and the sales are big, it’s time to start thinking about the iPhone 7. Designer Xerix93 from Deviantart has imagined this handset as a Full HD 4.7 inch smartphone, with a very meticulous build.

iphone 7 concept xerix 1

The edges of the aluminum unibody case are cut with a mono crystalline diamond, for improved finishing quality. The handset’s screen is a Full HD One, with a 469 ppi density and with full sRGB color standard, higher contrast and impressive brightness and white balance. This model is supposed to have an even thinner profile and the buttons are intuitively placed.

The case is made of aluminum, stainless steel and glass and iOS 9 brings big changes this time around. There’s a new way to share content with the family and the whole theme of the UI has become less colourful and… colder. There are also 4 finishes available for the device: silver, space gray, black and gold. Other than that the basic design traits are the same as on the iPhone 6, I’d say. Changes are all in the details and the OS.

iPhone 7 concept xerix 2

iphone 7 concept xerix 3

[via Deviantart]

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