iPhone 8 Edge to Edge Concept Brings Touch Buttons Below the Screen, 21:9 Aspect (Video)

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There’s iPhone 8 concepts and then there’s the almost short movie below, with a ton of details. The idea of touch buttons below the screen pops up again and it seems to be getting more an more traction. The concept was done by Arthur Reis exclusively for ConceptsiPhone.

The iPhone 8 has a full edge to edge screen, that gives you a 21:9 aspect, ideal for immersive videos. It actually goes one step further than the already immersive LG G6 and its 18:9 aspect. Speakers have been redesigned for improved stereo sound and the designer imagines new piezoelectric technology for clearer voice calls. Aside from having two sensors for the main camera, there are now also two front facing cameras, that work together for 3D mapping and retina scan.

The handset comes with support for AirCharger, a new type of wireless charger. There seems to be glass at the back, which is something Apple hasn’t done since the iPhone 4s, so it’s been a while. The fingerprint scanner is embedded within the screen and new and improved screen and format make the device seem as it has a special case attached.

I have to say I’m loving the AirCharger idea the most here!

[via ConceptsiPhone]

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