iPhone 8 Rendered by Gaurav Jaggi With Side Screen Embedded

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By my math, the iPhone 8 should arrive in 2018, so in 3 years from now, but designer Gaurav Jaggi is in a hurry. Thus, he envisioned the device already, as shown in the renders below, that feature, among others a side screen for the handset.

iPhone 8 concept design 2015 1

The display size here is 5.5 inches, so Apple is going full phablet model on this one. By 2018, I imagine they’re going to adopt the Quad HD resolution and the designer of the iPhone 8 claims the side screen is used to check notifications, battery level, time and other info like that, without powering on the main screen. Nothing revolutionary here, if you’ve seen the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, to be honest.

The creator of this iPhone concept didn’t have any crazy ideas for the camera, so he just said that he expects the Apple engineers to come up with something creative. I suspect the resolution of the cam will be 12 megapixels, 4K capture will be available and the Home button will be gone by the then. In the end we can’t help but wonder what’s so special about this design after all…

iPhone 8 concept design 2015 2

iPhone 8 concept design 2015 3

iPhone 8 concept design 2015 4

iPhone 8 concept design 2015 5

[via galaxyreporter.com]

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