iPhone 8 by Umberto Menasci is All About Simplicity (Video)

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Designer Umberto Menasci seems to have gone with a very simple approach for his iPhone 8 concept, that’s shown below. The interesting bit about is the very big speaker at the bottom and the apparent lack of ports.

iPhone 8 concept Umberto Menasci 1

This iPhone 8 has a very deep Home button, comes with wireless charging, a 20 megapixel protruding camera and a 5K display. It has a metallic gray chassis and an edge to edge screen, but the color is shown via side accents, in blue, green or brown. This handset measures 6.5 mm in thickness, packs a 1.5 Watt speaker and seems to adopt a leather imitation back.

iPhone 8 concept Umberto Menasci 2

The lack of ports makes sense, since in a few years, everything will be done wirelessly. This also opens up the opportunity of waterproofing and dust proofing iPhones.

iPhone 8 concept Umberto Menasci 3

iPhone 8 concept Umberto Menasci 4

[via Mesut G Designs and Umberto Menasci]

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