Nexus 7P Concept is Somewhere Between a Phone and Tablet

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Huawei is rumored to have made a very good impression on Google, so much so that they’re going to turn to them again for a new phone and even a tablet. This is where Deviantart member Zaur191 comes into play, rendering the device below, called Nexus 7P.

Nexus 7P concept 4

It may be a phone, it may be a tablet, we have no idea, but the name points at an inbetweener, like the Nexus 6. It may end up as a tablet that can be used as a phone, nothing uncommon nowadays. The designer only shows us the design, without any specs in the mix. There’s an USB type C port at the bottom, an edge to edge screen and a chassis made from aeronautical grade aluminum.

Nexus 7P concept 1

The dual color pattern at the back is interesting, sort of like a futuristic soldier camouflage. I can’t say if this is Huawei material or not, but the camera area and general format feel a lot like the Nexus 6P and 5X, totally unlike the previous Nexus 7 units and Nexus 6 for example. The format is rectangular and quite massive.

Nexus 7P concept 2

Nexus 7P concept 3

[via Deviantart]

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