iPhone Air Saphir Concept Created by Mesut G.

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We’ve got a new iPhone concept to feast our eyes on right here, one created by Mesut G. The device is called iPhone Air Saphir and it’s very thin, plus it has very slim bezels. There’s a camera at the back, with LED flash and this model is certainly bigger than 4 inches.

iPhone Air Saphir 1

This is also a pretty elongated handset and to me it seems too thin for its own good, if you know what I mean. It should be made out of a resilient material to survive being so slim. The screen of the iPhone Air Saphir is very crisp, but the resolution doesn’t seem particularly impressive. There’s still a Home button here, with Touch ID integration.

iPhone Air Saphir 2

If I can speculate, this model is about half of the size of the iPhone 5S and its diagonal is somewhere around 5 inches or even more. I wonder why everyone is making the iPhone 6 or Air so slim these days. People would be happy with a 7 mm phone, or maybe even a 6.5 mm, but anything lower than that is an abomination. What do you think?

[Thanks Mesut G]

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