iPhone X Brings the Exact Amount of Innovation for Apple, Curved Screen of Course

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There’s no shortage of iPhone 8 concepts, but there are fewer iPhone X renders than one would like. Tejas Pawar proposes a new one, focused on a curved edge design and novelty like wireless charging.

This is supposed to be an anniversary model, with an OLED display and unibody format. The OLED panel is curved on the sides and we also seem to be getting a glass panel at the back. The Touch ID fingerprint scanner is now embedded within the screen, using a special type of tech, possibly Synaptics. The back camera has an atypical format, with a 16 megapixel wide angle camera and another cam with telephoto lens.

We’ve also got optical zoom at 4X and digital zoom at 20X. OIS is also in the mix, plus an upgraded (again) 12 MP Facetime HD camera. IP68 waterproofing and dust proofing is available for the iPhone X, as well as new colors, like a shade of beige/yellow and a milkier pink. Wireless charging is something that fans have been asking for for many years now, so it’s also here.

Designer Tejas Pawar also proposes a Product Red version of his iPhone concept, plus a Ceramic White one. The surprise feature of the concept phone is 5G support, apparently. Everything about this concept is plausible, so it may happen come this fall.

[via Behance]

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