iPhone Edition is Made of Steel, Ditches Home Button

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Russian designer Grisha Serov has imagined a new iPhone concept, one that uses a steel case, which is very good looking. I have to say that we’re finally seeing an original and old school iPhone, that takes us back to the times of loved iPhone 3GS form factor. The phone is called iPhone Edition.

iPhone Edition concept 1

This newcomer has very slim bezels, a shiny metal case and it puts the On/Off button back to the top. The volume buttons are now one big button, that also serves as the mute switch. The camera doesn’t protrude anymore, although the phone becomes a bit thicker. There’s a glossy loop now instead of thick stripes to allow connectivity on this metal device. iPhone Edition has a 4.5 inch display, so in some ways it’s sort of like an iPhone 6 Mini.

iPhone Edition concept 2

The speakers are now more discrete and the device’s edges are all rounded. From what I can see the designer got rid of the Home button and implemented its features and the Touch ID on the On/Off button area at the top. Considering the phone is so compact, your index finger will always reach that area, so that’s a smart move. I’m loving this shiny metal brick!

iPhone Edition concept 3

iPhone Edition concept 4

iPhone Edition concept 5

iPhone Edition concept 6

iPhone Edition concept 7

iPhone Edition concept 8

[via Behance]

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