iPhone Identity Features a 5 Inch Display, 1080i Video Capture

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We seem to have reached the highest end of iPhone concepts, since this time we’re dealing with the iPhone Identity, a very nicely specced device, created by Wili Buena. The most impressive feature of this handset is its 5 inch OLED display and its support for 1080i video capture.


iPhone Identity supports quad band GSM, 3.5G HSDPA, WiFi, VoIP and also uses a 64GB SSD for extra memory. Bluetooth Stereo A2DP is also on the specs list, together with a document viewer, finger print detection locking, projector compatibility and Spotlight.

Identity’s battery provides 12 hours of talk time and 400 hours of standby, plus there’s a dual camera incorporated in the device. Sexy, all-black phone with a scratch resistant glass front – that’s the exterior of the device. Hot?

[via ilounge]

  • wili buena

    I just want every visitor to know that I made this iPhone concept sometime last year as an entry to ilounge design contest. Some features ignored by ilounge before, is now a part of iPhone 3GS, namely, video capture, Spotlight, 3.5G.

    They could have done it before but I know, it’s a calculated move by Apple. Its not like they will put all the cool, possible features imaginable at once, so i guess, my design is still, ahead of the curve.

    I’m still waiting though for the other killer features, aside from the other mentioned above:

    1.) Mobile version of iMovie with some Shake garnish—what better way to dump all your thrashy videos to Youtube or to an Apple TV!

    2) Remote wipe of data is good, unless you could quickly do that aften losing an iPhone, so, I wish a phone secure lock via finger print would be a integrated in the future version.

    3.) For all Mac and iPhone users, the ability to back-up all your iPhones data via Time Machine through WiFi draft N.

    4.) Keynote presentation via an iPhone to a WiFi-enabled projector! It’s like using an SE phone with Clicker. Only better.

    Thanks for checking my design.