Sony Ericsson Yanq HD, This Time With NVIDIA Tegra Technology on Board

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Esato board user Jozef Kocúr is quickly becoming one of the important names of the Sony Ericsson amateur design segment, by creating more and more Yanq series handsets. We’ve got the original Sony Ericsson Yanq concept over here and the Pro version right here and now there’s even a Yanq HD to have a look at.


And boy is this smartphone powerful! There’s a 4 inch OLED display on board, together with the NVIDIA Tegra platform, Windows Mobile 6.5 (can be updated to Windows Mobile 7), a 12.1 megapixel camera with autofocus and Xenon flash, HD video recording, HSDPA, WiFi and aGPS.

Last time, we were pretty sure that Jozef would an old iPhone concept name series (normal device, Pro version and then Elite), but I see that he has gone the Samsung Omnia way.




[via Esato]