Sony Ericsson Yanq Pro, Windows Mobile Smartphone Strikes Back

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After having a look at the Sony Ericsson Yanq concept, it’s time to witness its revamp, courtesy of the same promising designer Jozef Kocúr, who created the Sony Ericsson Yanq Pro handset. Haven’t quite figured out if the sliding keyboard underneath the huge touchscreen of the device below is a physical or virtual one…


Sony Ericsson Yanq Pro runs Windows Mobile (6.5 or 7) and probably packs an impressive amount of internal memory, a 3.5 inch or more touchscreen display, HSDPA support and a nifty camera at the back (8MP, please?). Looking forward to the Sony Ericsson Yanq Elite, if Jozef Kocúr would follow an older series of iPhone concepts and their naming.


[via Esato]