iPhone Lite Rendered by T3; It’s a Looker! (Video)

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T3 create a new render every two weeks or so and they deliver every time, when it comes to original designs. This time they tackled the iPhone Lite, a handset that’s been rumored for a while now.

iPhone Lite concept T3 1

As usual, we’re being treated to a video of the device as well. This budget iPhone aka the iPhone Mini or Lite is expected to pop up this summer and be priced at around $300 or so. If we’re to judge speculations and leaks, I’d say we should expect a plastic iPhone, with colored cases, an 8 megapixel camera, a Lighting port at the bottom and less speaker holes included.

iPhone Lite concept T3 2

The device will measure 9.3 mm in thickness, says the T3 video and it will use polycarbonate for the case. The volume buttons will be more elongated and the 4 inch display of the iPhone 5 will be kept. T3 also lists some specs here: a HP dual core processor, 1 GB of RAM, LTE, Bluetooth 4.0 and most likely 16 GB of storage. Fancy an iPhone Lite?


[via T3]