iPhone Pro Concept, Possibly the Best iPhone 4G Design Ever

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One thing is for sure: not even Apple will be able to deliver a better design than the one created by Antonio De Rosa. The following incredible images portray his concept, the iPhone Pro. Feel free to click on each image to see its larger version and don’t forget to check out the video showing the device, at the end of the article.


Antonio informs us that this iPhone concept runs OS 3.2 and uses a sophisticated mechanism that hides two paddles with LED backlight and touch surface. The front camera on the handset is hidden inside the top paddle and you should know that this innovative design makes the iPhone more comfortable for a great gaming experience.

There’s also a MagSafe power connection on the back and we have to say that this certainly looks like the perfect multimedia gaming phone, complete with 64GB of internal memory. There’s a gallery of this iPhone 4G design shown over here and on the same site you’ll find info about ADR Studio, a company to which designer Antonio Di Rosa is associated.

Info about this device can also be found on Recombu.









[Thanks Antonio for the details]