iPhone Pure by MKJ Reduces Everything to a Minimal Metal Slab With No Buttons, Holes (Video)

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Hold on, let me spell this out for you: the iPhone Pure is a slab of metal riddled with holes. It’s basically a trombone or trumpet, seeing how that’s also a metallic tool with holes in it. The comparison may be far fetched, but you’ll also see in the source link, over at the designer Kurt Merki JR.

iPhone Pure concept KMJ  (8)

The iPhone Pure is a concept that rethinks the whole idea of a smartphone. It challenges the current mono design and reduces all it can to the bare minimum. The aesthetics are reduced and the core structure is being rebuilt, for the sake of evolution. The technology is all wireless here and all the connectors are gone, replaced by wireless tech.

iPhone Pure concept KMJ  (7)

The back of the handset hosts a multi connector called the HUBconnector, used to juice up the battery and connect to the PC, plus plug in headphones with an adapter. Pure uses an unibody approach and “pure materials”, for a very robust and sturdy frame. The entire screen becomes a MultiPress surface and the top and bottom portions are the active areas, where the four basic functions are available: Home, Volume, On/Off and Mute.

iPhone Pure concept KMJ  (6)

All buttons, switches and connectors are gone from the frame and everything goes to the touch area. All the features are now accessed from the screen. 3 versions of the phone have been imagined: Pure Organic, Pure, Pure Classic and Pure Minimal. iPhone Pure Organic is “noble and organic”, inspired by musical instruments. Pure Minimal has a very light frame and Pure Classic is based on Beats headphones and the Macbook somehow.

I’m in love!

iPhone Pure concept KMJ  (5)

iPhone Pure concept KMJ  (4)

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