iPhone Plus Rendered by Faisal Semari Stands Apart from the Crowd!

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Sent to us by Faisal Semari, the iPhone Plus concept really stands out from the crowd with an unusual design. This is supposed to be a modern and fancy design for the iPhone and it’s finally not a rectangular and standardized piece of gear.


It looks like a combo between a mouse and a shaving machine and I imagine its curve is used to make the handset better adhere to your face. It’s also very glossy and seems to lack a bezel, so it’s an edge to edge setup. I can’t exactly say this would be a game changer, but if you slap some buttons on this baby, it would make a sweet portable gaming device. Since it’s kind of thick the only justification for its size would be a huge battery.

Also, it could have a projector inside, maybe a see through area for the camera viewfinder, but I’m only speculating here, since the designer didn’t provide many details. You can criticize or praise this iPhone concept, but one thing is for sure: we are lucky to have finally gotten rid of those repetitive rectangular concepts. What do you think of this slightly curved iPhone?









[Thanks Faisal Semari]

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