iPhone SE 2 is All iPhone X, Cheaper Package

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It seems to me that people are dreaming more and more about the iPhone X Plus and less about the iPhone SE 2. The latter is now getting a beautiful concept, courtesy of ConceptsiPhone and Lee Gunho.

It all starts off with the design of the iPhone SE and an evolution towards the iPhone X. What it gets from it? The notch/ Face ID mechanism, the glass and metal body and I somehow feel a slight iPhone 3GS influence here, unless I’m imagining things. There’s a singular back camera and jugging by the shiny sides, I guess stainless steel is in the mix.

I doubt it, since it increases the production costs. I expect the diagonal to be around 5 inches, in order to keep the format small. Since I’ve started my magic 8 ball, I’m also guessing that the specs are at the level of an iPhone 7, or maybe the iPhone 8 even. The screen is probably an LCD, once again for the decreased cost. I feel that somehow naming this the iPhone X Mini makes more sense…

Would you buy it?

[via ConceptsiPhone]

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