iPhone Transformer Design, LEGO-Style Concept

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DYI reaches the world of futuristic iPhones and we’ve just stumbled upon a concept, called the iPhone Transformer, that’s made up by connecting pieces. This is a modular device (just like modu), created by Alvin Chau and certainly a great idea for everyone looking for iPhone upgrades.


Among the pieces of this iPhone concept there’s also a header piece with earphone, a battery pack with memory and a SIM card slot, the base piece with the Home Button and microphone, plus the speakers and equalizer.

You can also add the camera piece with flash and the camera button, the multitouch touch pad, the iPod Click Wheel, the iSight chat camera, a dedicated keyboard and the iSight videocall camera. Enhancements and upgrades will be possible simply by connecting a new piece to your dated iPhone, in order to make it cool and new again!

[via ilounge]