Nokia E900 Concept, Business Meets Touchscreen

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It’s been a while since we last saw a Nokia concept phone, although the Nokia E900 design looks more like an Internet tablet than a handset.  The device comes with uber specs and it finally combines the business aspect of the E Series with a QWERTY keyboard and huge touchscreen display.


Nokia E900 supports 3G/HSDPA connectivity, plus WLAN, Bluetooth 2.1 and GPS and, as you can see it packs a pretty big display, a 4.5 inch WVGA touchscreen. 32GB of internal memory will be more than enough, coupled with a microSD memory card slot, plus there’s a battery on board providing up to 8 hours of talk time.

An optical pad is also among the specs, plus a 5 megapixel camera with a Carl Zeiss lens and aluminium casing at the exterior of the device. Maemo 5 is the OS of choice for E900 and the handset also supports Ovi integration, Microsoft Exchange, Firefox 3.5, Adobe Flash 9, Skype video calls and more.

[via Just Another Mobile Phone Blog]

  • Roope

    Ahaha, i know the guy who made that mockup! It’s a fake, but still cool. I’d love to see nokia pulling out something like that 😀

  • ceroberts75

    if your friend made it….it’s a hell of a job!

    looks really good.

    he should have moved the slash up and shortened the backspace key by 1/2 and then included a “Y”

    it would have been more believable.

    but hey, ill tell you…even with a 4.5 inch screen it would be roughly the length of the e90 and about 3/16 wider then the e90 and with that size screen and a true full 4-5 row kb, i would take it in a heartbeat for my e90.


    i can only hope that there really is something in the works for something like this.

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  • Buzzbox

    The specs on the e900 are mediocre at best on the condition it is released no later than the 4th quarter. Otherwise why bother? Just because Apple can release a phone in 2010 with a 5mp camera and be proud of technology 4 years old, doesn’t mean Nokia should lower it’s benchmark to these mundane standards. Nokia was the leader for so long with the N series and then after the n900, they pretty much shit the bed. The n95 from release date was light years ahead of competition. I am not interested in seeing a spec list for the e900 showing 3G/HSDPA or WLAN…that is f**king expected. Show me a phone that will sh*t on Steve Jobs face!