iPocket Watch Gets Stylish Render, Courtesy of Designer Chike Newman

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Since everyone is so crazy about the whole retrofuturistic fashion, Victorian age and steampunk, we may as well have a look at a pocket watch concept. It’s branded Apple, rendered by designer Chike Newman and it’s quite stylish.

iPocket Watch concept

You can hang it on a gold chain, or find some crazy Tony Stark-esque material for your chain. According to the render, the messaging UI feels a bit like Android Wear and we also get a sort of notification band all around the edge of the screen. This band shows 4G LTE connectivity, WiFi, battery level and signal power.

The clarity of the display is good and the body is made of metal. We also get a metal lid to cover up the screen, in pendant fashion, for extra style. You know what’s missing here? A gold accent all around the exterior of that Lid. Would’ve been swell…

[via Behance]

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