iWatch Render Goes the Way of the Nike FuelBand

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There are two approaches to designing the iWatch concepts we’ve seen so far: either the ultraslim bracelet with elongated screen or the typical square body with slight Galaxy Gear resemblances or curved screen. Todd Hamilton is tackling the first approach and created an Apple smart watch that makes us think of the Nike Fuelband.

iwatch fuelband design 1

Keep in mind that nothing here is coincidence, since Apple itself recently hired some executives from the Nike FuelBand team. Todd’s design of the iWatch focuses on a narrow curved display and keeps iOS 7 in a light but still beautiful way. The slim form factor of the Nike accessory is kept and this model’s main purpose is to feel natural on the wrist.

iwatch fuelband design 2

There’s a Home button on the side, a rubber build and a touchscreen display in the mix. I can see Siri in full action here, plus the ability to place calls and a health app or two included for good measure. The display is very crisp on the iWatch and I wonder what type of atypical resolution Apple would use this time.

iwatch fuelband design 3

iwatch fuelband design 4

iwatch fuelband design 5

[via Techno Buffalo]

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