Jermaine Smit’s iWatch Mockup Charges With Solar Power; Just a Teaser for Now!

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This is just a teaser, but it’s looking fine! Jermaine Smit has designed a brand new iWatch mockup, that has a solar system. This one can recharge both the watch and the phone next to it, apparently.

iwatch jermaine smit

Judging by the recent trends related to smartwatches, this model would have a flexible OLED screen, with a diagonal just a bit under 2 inches and a very big resolution for such a small gadget. We also get a Home button below the display and a belt that should wow everyone. It will either be plastic, some sort of metal or maybe a new material, like some sort of polycarbonate reinforced and made more rubbery.

The screen’s format is very nice, with an edge to edge allure and this looks like a pretty massive watch to have on the wrist. I’m thinking the solar panel could be hidden under the screen, since I’ve seen a patent detailing exactly that. I can’t wait to see the finalized iWatch concept from Jermaine Smit!

[Thanks Jermaine Smit]

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