Jony Ive Designs Unique iPad Pro, up for Action Soon

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Jony Ive is one of the most respected designers when it comes to industrial design, so we like to keep an eye on what he’s working on, every once in a while. His latest piece of work involves a one off iPad Pro, with a 12.9 inch diagonal.

ipad Pro edition 1 of 1

This model will be offered for auction on April 28th, as part of a fundraiser for the London’s Design Museum. The device gets to keep its specs, but it also gets an anodized special yellow dye case. Bundled with it is a cobalt blue leather smart cover, lined with suede. The Apple Pencil gets its very own fiery orange leather case.

On the back of the device you’ll find etched “Edition 1 of 1“, which confirms the authenticity of the model. Auctioneers expect a price of around $20,000 for this model, so it’ll be a big one. What do you think of Jony Ive’s design?

[via Techcrunch]

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