Microsoft Developed a Flexible Dual Touchscreen Case That Supports Bending for Input (Video)

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It appears we’re never going to get a phone like the Nokia Morph, but we may get accessories in the same vein. One of them comes from Microsoft and it’s dubbed FlexCase. It’s a dual touch flexible case, that plays nice with Windows Phone models.

Microsoft FlexCase concept flexible case (3)

Instead of pinching the screen when navigating on the map, you’ll use the accessory for that. It comes with 3 use modes: Book Mode, Laptop Mode and Bookside Mode. This is a flexible product, co-developed by Microsoft Research and Austrian firm Media Interaction Lab. FlexCase is basically a flip cover that offers input and output via flexing, bending, touch and push.

Microsoft FlexCase concept flexible case (1)

Integrated within is an e-paper display and we also get a special array of sensors. Interaction between the user and the FlexCase happens just like with a piece of paper. Printed piezoelectric sensors are the key here. The case can be used as a secondary screen, transferring content from the main screen, or Always On Glance notifications for example.

The bending and flexing part also means extra resilience to rougher contact, by the way. Be sure to watch the video below.

Microsoft FlexCase concept flexible case (2)

[via Gizmodo]

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