Mac Mini 2021 Ends Up a Plexiglass Colorful Squared Toy

We’re a few weeks away from the big Apple unveiling, which will bring us the iPhone 13, but that’s not the only device coming there. We’re waiting on a new pair of AirPods, an iPad Mini 6, maybe a new iMac, plus maybe a Mac Mini 2021. One has just been rendered and it’s much more playful than usual.

The creation of Qocept Graphics, this Mac Mini 2021 concept adopts the playfulness of the latest iMacs and changes materials to cheaper ones. The compact PC has improved heat dissipation and a transparent and slim acrylic cover. It’s also more colorful and modern. It’s powered by a M1 chip, or maybe a derived chipset, a newer one, maybe M1X. Qocept Graphics provides discrete modifications compared to the previous iteration.

The footprint has been reduced, as the device measures 13.5 cm in width and length and 3 cm in thickness. This means we’re getting the thinnest Mac to date. The acrylic part serves to protect the core aluminum body. The designer wanted to create a “weightless” feel and also an improved airflow for the CPU, as the air is vented through the back opening. There are more USB 4 and USB 3 ports here, plus a magnetic power connector similar to the iMac and the Gigabit Ethernet through the external power supply.

Color choices include red, blue, purple, yellow, orange sea green and silver white. Lovely ideas!

via Yanko Design

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