9 Coolest Free IT Courses for Students

Nowadays information technology (IT) is a prestigious field of activity. Indeed, it offers many opportunities for further development. Programming, design, web administration, testing, data analysis are all branches of the IT field. Moreover, the list of possible occupations is non-exhaustive. Some people like to write codes, others prefer to create illustrations or animation, others enjoy design, or developing websites. Some areas are so important that the demand for them exceeds the supply on the market.

There exists an opinion that programming courses are very expensive. Thus many students believe they cannot afford high-quality learning. In fact, almost everyone can master prospective IT skills even staying at home. To prove this, we publish a list of the coolest free IT courses available for every student. Such lists with useful tips can also be found on Studyfy Reddit and similar resources. This is a useful forum where people share their ideas and experience.

  1. Introduction to Computer Science by Microsoft

It is always crucial to start from scratch and learn the basics. Microsoft offers a variety of courses aimed at learning programming languages. These learning programs will help you understand how computers work. Of course, you will also learn how to think logically and write basic programs. Moreover, you will get solid knowledge for further working with computers in any field.

Of course, no theory can survive without practice. So after completing the course you will write your first program in Python. This is a powerful yet simple language used by application developers and data researchers.

  1. Python for Everybody by The University of Michigan 

This 4-month IT course for beginners offers an amazing opportunity to learn the basics of computer programming. The program is based on the book “Python for Everybody” by Dr. Charles Russell Severance. It consists of 5 separate blocks.

The course has no requirements as to prerequisite knowledge or experience. The only requirement is the awareness of what a computer is and the ability to deal with elementary mathematical calculations.

This and other free IT courses provided by The University of Michigan are available on Coursera.

  1. CS50 Courses by The Harvard University 

Don’t miss the chance to meet the most popular learning programs at Harvard University. It specializes in many different areas, including the following:

  • basics of computer science;
  • programming in Javascript and Python;
  • artificial intelligence;
  • introduction to game development;
  • IT courses for lawyers; 
  • training to combine business and computer technologies.

One of the most popular programs with students is Introduction to Game Development. Taking up this one, you will explore the design of popular games such as Angry Birds and Portal, Super Mario Bros., and Legend of Zelda. This will help you understand how to create video games and learn the basic principles of computer 2D, 3D graphics, animation, and sound.

All Harvard CS50 courses online are available on the EdX platform.

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  1. Foundations of Computer Science: Theory and Practice by Udemy

The Udemy platform gives you access to 100,000 online courses, with more than 10 000 related to IT and software development. 

This course provides all the necessary materials to learn the fundamentals of computer science and common data structures. You will develop the skill of writing efficient programs by performing coding exercises in practice.

Apart from writing programs, the Udemy platform can teach you other techniques necessary for every student. For example, there you can find an array of free resources related to web design and digital marketing. Questions like “How long is an essay?” will stop bothering you once you get the hang of the basics

  1. Web Development Courses by Codecademy

Have you ever dreamed about becoming a front-end or back-end expert? Do you want to develop websites that attract people? Then you are welcome to visit Codecademy and dive deeper into this field. 

To master both (back-end and front-end) directions and become a jack-of-all-trades, take up a full-stack engineer course. This will teach you how to build and develop interactive websites with a focus on HTML and CSS skills.

  1. Introduction to Web Development by The University of California

Take a look at this course if you are starting your journey in web development and design. After completing it, you will understand the structure and capabilities of the World Wide Web. Furthermore, you’ll learn how to create pages using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and even more. One of the tasks you will have to perform is to develop a working model for creating websites. The course will prepare you for further training at more advanced web development training.

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  1. Free IT Courses Provided by Alison

Alison platform can boast more than 1000 courses available. The most pleasant thing is that all the learning plans are free to complete, and new ones are added to the website every week.

Alison’s online IT courses consist of detailed yet comprehensible lessons. You will get acquainted with managing networks, developing software, analyzing data, and maintaining crucial IT systems across different devices. You can take up either certificate or comprehensive diploma courses depending on your intentions and expectations.

  1. LinkedIn Free IT Training

The LinkedIn learning platform is suitable for both inexperienced students and experts in the field. Who knows, maybe you are already an expert but do not have a university degree. Nevertheless, LinkedIn provides free technology courses for either beginners or those determined to get to the advanced level.

Most programs are related to IT management fundamentals as well as IT support and administration. Be sure to check all the possibilities and become one step closer to the career of your dreams.

  1. Computer Programming by Khan Academy

The Khan Academy website aims to provide free personalized learning, based on videos posted on YouTube. 

Do not miss one of the most comprehensive courses teaching the basics of computer programming. Indeed, it includes several blocks divided into lessons, all of which can be learned at any convenient time. Moreover, a website includes various features such as progress tracking, hands-on exercises, and other learning tools. The materials can also be accessed through mobile applications.


Learning online is possible even when it comes to such complicated fields as IT and Computer Sciences. With an array of free resources available, all that you need is a desire, effort, and adherence to discipline. Create a convenient schedule and make sure you follow it, force yourself to study, complete assignments, and only then you will succeed.

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