MacBook of the Year 2020 is Paper Thin, Shape Shifting Laptop

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Tommaso Gecchelin created the MacBook of the year 2020, a concept of a laptop that’s able to shape shift from metal to plastic. This is a portable computer that’s as thin as paper and even thinner than the MacBook Air. Supposedly, the product is based on a nano material that shrinks enough to fit into your pocket.

Also, the 2020 MacBook comes with infinite battery life, thanks to a photo voltaic layer that it includes. There’s also an ultrasound layer for tactile feedback and a 3D camera on board, able to capture everything around as tridimensional footage. The last feature is possibly the most appealing one: a holographic emitter showing you all the content you need.

Everything is wireless and there are no ports or cables in sight. Of course, cloud solutions handle everything, so there’s no need for a HDD. Would you buy this device?

[via Yanko Design]