Macbook-i Is the Perfect Surface Pro Killer, Combining a MacBook and iPad

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The idea of a hybrid between a MacBook and iPad has been floating around the web for a while now, but few designers and visionaries have been able to turn it into reality. Among the courageous renderers there’s now Michael Muleba, who envisioned the MacBook-i.

This device brings together the Macbook and iPad family into a singular product, that features an infra red keyboard and hand gesture support. Voice control is also here and the interesting bit is that the speaker acts as a kickstand and props the screen up for stylus interaction and other activities. The specs are on a PC level, so you can do all the work you want on the go.

This is the next level following the iPad Pro, with a 14 inch LED screen, fingerprint scanner and a 1.5 GHz top notch Apple Axx CPU. The back totally resembles a Surface product, while the front, with the keyboard attached feels like a gaming laptop a bit. Something that Dell or Razer would make… Without the keyboard, the device looks pretty nifty, feeling like a futuristic All in One PC.

There’s a lit up bar below the screen and the borders are very narrow. I’m not very sure, but that light bar below the screen may actually be the projector that shows the keys… Some nice ideas here.


[via Michael Muleba]

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