Google Pixel 2 Concept Design Comes from Designer Sam Lam Chin Pong This Time

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When I first saw this Google Pixel 2 concept and the designer’s name, it all felt very familiar. A quick search brought up the Galaxy Note 8 concept created by the same designer, Sam Lam Chin Pong. So, let’s see how he did with the Google Pixel 2.

Because I know that quite a few designers and render passionates read these posts, I have to mention that these concepts have been rendered with the aid of SolidWorks and Keyshot. Unlike other Google Pixel 2 concepts that bet big on metal and only leave a glass window at the back, this one goes all glass. It kind of makes sense, if LG indeed does make it, as rumored.

The back and the way it reflects images is very interesting, feeling a bit like an answer to HTC’s 3D Liquid Surface thingie on the HTC U11. Bezels are obviously narrow and I’m getting very strong HTC vibes from this Pixel 2 concept, somehow… I’m loving the small chin, but I’m not very sure that in this day and age people still like the fingerprint sensor at the back.

Also the antenna cutouts on the sides are starting to feel old. The core format is basically borrowed from the previous Pixel, but with extra glass at the back. Also, we get a very discrete dual back camera, not something you see every day on today’s flagships with bulky Bokeh-totting cams.

[via Behance]

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