Martin Hajek Imagines the Curved iPhone 6

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When Martin Hajek designs an Apple concept, he might as well be Jony Ive in disguise, because he does it so well. The curved iPhone 6 shown below is no exception and this is one version of an edge to edge phone I choose to believe in. The handset shown here is a 4.7 inch iPhone with a pretty narrow frame.

iPhone 6 Curved Martin Hajek concept 1

As you can see, the display of the iPhone 6 is curved towards the sides and the case is also shaped like a smaller and more curved iPad Mini, at the top and bottom. The corners are now more rounded and the sides of the screen are less proeminent, exposing the glass a little bit. There is still an edge here, but let’s put it this way: the sides of the phone are 50% glass and 50% the usual metal part with the buttons.

iPhone 6 Curved Martin Hajek concept 2

The buttons are pill shaped and we’re only treated to one speaker at the bottom. Touch ID is still here and the visible screws from the bottom have been kept. This curved iPhone 6’s display is very crisp and I’m guessing we’ve got a resolution that’s at least Full HD here. At first glance, this model is also a tad thinner than the iPhone 5s, maybe somewhere at 7 mm, or 6.8 mm.

iPhone 6 Curved Martin Hajek concept 3

iPhone 6 Curved Martin Hajek concept 4

iPhone 6 Curved Martin Hajek concept 5

iPhone 6 Curved Martin Hajek concept 6

[via Martin Hajek]

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