Modular Mac Pro Concept is Something Old Apple Would Never do, a Curved/Labs Creation (Video)

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Modularity is already a big deal among smartphones, so why not transplant it to the world of PCs? We leave it to Curved/Labs to imagine a modular Mac pro, but seeing how Apple likes to control everything, this will probably never happen.

The concept mini desktop is showcased with a brand new Cinema display, that looks stunning and has incredibly slim bezels. The Mac Pro is one of the most controversial Apple products of the past years, some people loving it in spite of the “trashcan” design and others despising for that exact design. What does modularity mean here? Well, it means you can easily swap components on the go.

There are side doors included, that can swivel/rotate to open and also 2 slots for full size graphics cards have been included. Slots for hard drives and SSD drives are also in the mix, plus a slot for CPU replacement even. Of course memory also gets replaced and the biggest blasphemy of all is probably the SD card slot upfront. A touchbar showing info about components has been included by the designers as well.

The Cinema Display is a brand new 27 incher, based on current Retina displays found on MacBooks and lets you connect accessories via USB port at the back. I imagine that the modular Mac Pro would cost quite a bit to offset the future lack of Mac purchases, on account of the modularity.

[via Curved/Labs]

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