Back to the Roots of the First Macintosh With a Fresh Concept: Macintosh Meets iPad Air

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The Macintosh is a piece of computing history and it must be celebrated as such. What better way to do it, than give it a facelift, like the one shown below. Created by the guys of, this new and improved Macintosh is inspired by the iPad Air.

Macintosh facelift concept 1

The basic idea behind this project is a series of components from the current MacBook Air, combined with an 11 inch screen. The screen is a touch-based one, but there’s also mouse and keyboard input available. The facelift Macintosh of 2015 comes with a 128 GB SSD storage, 4 or 8 GB of RAM and the CPU is the latest Core i7 from Intel. The case of the device is made of high quality aluminum, the same one used for Macbooks, iPhones and iPads.

The back of the Mac concept includes a lit up Apple logo. In the place of the 3.5 inch disk slot, you will now find a slot for SD cards, the FaceTime camera, as well as speakers and a mic. Curved/Labs’ concept offers support for all WiFi and Bluetooth standards, USB 3.0, Lightning and there’s even a built in battery. Even a gold color case was thrown in for good measure. Funky, right?

Macintosh facelift concept 2

Macintosh facelift concept 3

Macintosh facelift concept 4

Macintosh facelift concept 5

Macintosh facelift concept 6

Macintosh facelift concept 7

Macintosh facelift concept 8


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  • tom

    May i ask something ? what is the purpose of making it that thin ? are you supposed to fill the whole back of the thing up with upgrade modules should apple ever adopt the concept or is this just an aesthetically pleasing but ultimately useless artsy thing ?

    As it doesn’t fit into a backpack due to the shape of it why should someone not just want a nifty thing of the same shape that acts as a dock for a macbook with the same specs? Why should a stand alone computer be this shape if it essentially just wastes space ? It’s essentially just a freaky macbook that doesn’t fold or have a built in keyboard and mouse.

    It’s not a spiritual successor to the ingeniously clever original macintosh , it’s like a novelty retro iphone case only its permanent. Seriously Why would you want this on your desk instead of a dock for your Macbook ?!

    What is the function of this machine ? it hasn’t got more ports or power then the portable machines will probably get. It seemingly thinks its mobile even though you can’t really take it with you on the go or use it in any place other than a office , why ? Is it significantly cheaper ? Because it better be the price of a decent Pc laptop.

    It’s essentially a Macbook without a hinge , how much cheaper is making a macbook that doesn’t hinge ? What part reduces the price ?

    If the mouse and the keyboard would form a neat package together with the thing then maybe i’d think it’s clever, But no it doesn’t seem to do anything that even suggest mobility ( it doesn’t even have the Macintosh handle ! ).

    Who needs all this space behind a screen if you can’t adjust it ? What are you going to put there ?Binders ? Books ? i thought its job was to not make those things necessary in your working environment !

    I like the idea of a modern all in one desktop Promoting a more ‘fixed’ working experience than Laptops or the current mac and all that. Having a smaller more sober screen that doesn’t invite for watching movies etc , but instead allows for focus on the tasks ahead , whilst not ruling out any creativity. That is good !
    But it’s just a empty shape the way its presented here.

    It’s a shape without any function behind it besides nostalgia , it’s bad design. Its not really a Macintosh , it’s a less functional Macbook with a screen you are less likely to use for wasting time on netflix. And that seems to be its only redeeming quality really.