Seamless Flexible Display iPhone Concepts: Ace and Jocker

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Today we’ve got two interesting iPhone concepts, that rely on the idea of a flexible display with seamless design. The two newcomers are iPhone Ace, the slider type smartphone below and the iPhone Jocker, that folds within the outer flexible screen. The designs belong to redskyline7.

Both models feature realistic specs and they used AMOLED flexible displays made of Graphene and offering good thermal conductivity. There’s also a solar panel on board, somehow attached to the display and powering the handset, for an extra of 30% electricity savings. The basic good thing about these designs is the lack of seam between the two areas of the screen, exactly where it folds. Having no specs published here, my mind wanders to an iPad Mini rather than an iPhone or better yet, a 5 inch Note-like iDevice.

The main case body of the folding device is made of aluminum and also works as a cooling fan. The display here looks very crisp and the idea is pretty interesting and original, but as usual with flexible displays, there’s the issue of fragility. I guess that there’s Samsung technology in the mix, since they’re at the top of the Super AMOLED display game, especially with the flexible technology in the mix. Will Apple ever get this approach?


  • ryu

    This article is my honors. thanks Thrystan.
    I am not a special designer but a inventor.

    You can find my patent-application on google.
    more learning my concept, more you get a insperation. there are many concepts.
    Title as below;

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  • ryu

    More develop flexible display technology , My slide-type concept will mix with roll-type flexible display concept.
    more learn my patent-application.

  • tytung

    May I know where you patent your ideas? US or Korea?
    Also, I think by folding it very often the part being folded will become wrinkled and weak.

  • Ray

    LO, that is awful

  • ryu

    i have patent in korea. also now i have patent-aplication such as OECD country(usa, canada, mexico, brazil, japan, china,europe, india, and so on)
    My priority date is 11.24(23).2008(mm/dd/yy). my first patent enrolled in korea. most of these idea relation with my first patent.
    my concepts are strong. never weak.

  • tytung

    What is the screen made of? normal touchscreen glass? bendable surface?

  • ryu

    The screen is made of graphene. so the screen is flexible display.
    Already, there are flexible glass or flexible plastic coating material to protect the screen.

  • Daniel

    The problem with such bendable screen is: you cannot fold them .like newspaper because it is harder than paper. Also,.if you .fold it for too long time and unfold it it cannot be entirely flat.

  • ryu

    yes, exactly that is very important fact.
    My concepts use not foldable flexible display but bendable flexible display.
    therefore my concepts are not future’s concepts but present’s concepts. there are bendable, rollable, foldable step. the first step is bendable.

  • ryu

    i don’t agree to your thinking.
    development of flexible display has three step.
    the first step is bendable flexible display.
    second step is rollable flexible display, the last step is foldable flexible display(entirely flat)
    my concepts are relation with the first step.
    do you know sony’s flexible display?
    there are some sort of flexible display.
    maybe you can find new coating material in internet.
    because of coating material, flexible display is harder than paper.
    the new coating material enable my concepts to make product.

  • ryu

    I remake my concept more slim.