Special iPhone Fuse Case Offers Extra Battery, Bumper Protection

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Since there’s simply no new concept phone these days, we may as well have a glance at accessory concepts, like the one below. The creation of Damian Hernandez, this battery case for the iPhones is certainly sexier than Apple’s own accessory.

Fuse iPhone case concept  (1)

The iPhone Fuse Case, as it’s called is meant for amateur photographers and it also adds a battery pack for some extra time of fun and photos. What’s so photographic about it? Well, the design makes the iPhone look like a point and shoot camera and the Fuse offers improved grip during photography, plus a reliable battery.

Fuse iPhone case concept  (2)

Of course, there’s the bumper portion that offers added protection, without a huge amount of bulk added. There’s even room for a lanyard in the mix and the raised surface is designed with ergonomic grip in mind, so you can hold the camera and take a flawless shot, even with a single hand. The case combines machined aluminum, leather and TPU.

Fuse iPhone case concept  (3)

Fuse iPhone case concept  (4)

Fuse iPhone case concept  (5)

Fuse iPhone case concept  (6)

[via Yanko Design]

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