Huawei Honor V8 Leaks in a Few Renders, Has Strange Looking Back

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Somehow Huawei managed to have an excellent 2015, by selling 100 million smartphones, even though they all had Full HD screens and not Quad HD or even 4K, as other modern models do. Now they’re prepping their first own brand 2K device, the Huawei Honor V8, that just got leaked and pictured below.

Huawei Honor V8 leak render (3)

We said “own brand”, because Huawei already made one for Google, the Nexus 6P. Back to the Honor V8, the reason we’re covering it is the fact that it’s a slow news day, when it comes to concepts and also it has a strange design. The device comes in rose gold, in a pretty light shade, but the upper side is some sort of brown or darker beige.

Huawei Honor V8 leak render (1)

The back side seems very curved and the dual camera is certainly not as sexy as the dual camera setup of the Huawei P9, covered with glass The gray/gold model looks a bit better and the front side is kind of nice, but reminds me of an Xperia. We seem to be getting three physical buttons on the side, maybe one also used as a custom Smart Key.

Anyway, as far as we know, the device is going to be a 5.7 inch Quad HD phablet, with a Kirin 950 or Kirin 955 CPU inside and a dual 12 MP back camera.

Huawei Honor V8 leak render (2)


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