This iPhone 9 Concept Has Small Steampunk Wheels Integrated

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There have been many iPhone 8 concepts popping up over the past months, but one more can’t hurt, I guess. The latest one takes a more metallic approach and somehow a bit steampunk-ish, judging by its little wheels and cogs included. It’s the creation of Evan Huang, who certainly created an unique iPhone design. He even calls it the iPhone 9.

The device seems to have a pretty big metal frame, one that feels like a sort of a bumper case attached to the device. It’s got a rotating wheel for the volume and another big wheel at the top corner. That “wheel” is actually a cylinder that integrates a rotating camera. Another weird trait for an iPhone is the presence of capacitive buttons below the screen.

Somehow this feels more like an iPhone 7c of sorts, rather than a regular main series Apple handset. I’m convinced that Apple would never use capacitive buttons, though and also small rotating mechanisms, that could fall apart with long usage. Still, the design is unique and interesting looking, so we’ll give it some credit for that. The designer user Rhinoceros 5.0 to render this device.

I wonder if the cylinder rotates by hand or if it involves the other wheel or some other mechanism.

[via Behance]

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