Concept Creator Presents: The Creator Laptop, a Lenovo Yoga Book Killer

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Remember Concept Creator? The maker of some of the best concept phones is back, this time with a fresh laptop, the “Creator Laptop”, as he calls it. The notebook is rather familiar as a format, since we saw something similar on the Lenovo Yoga Book.

The laptop has tactile feedback on the second screen, that mimics a keyboard. You can switch screens fast and make the keyboard a second screen apparently. Video editing seems to be the focus of the machine, as shown multiple times in the concept video. One example shows a video editing timeline or the animation timeline of the second screen, plus Photoshop tools and presets.

The laptop seems rather big, maybe bigger than the Lenovo Yoga Book. I’m guessing it’s at least a 15.6 incher, maybe even a 17 inch model. It’s got USB Type-C and full USB ports, a magnesium build probably and a big touch area integrated into the back. It’s stylus compatible for sure and the device’s main screen has a bezel-free approach. My only worry here is the battery, seeing how slim the device is.

However, Lenovo pulled it off and offered a good battery on the Yoga Book, so it can be done.


[via Concept Creator]

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