Top 10 Hidden iPhone Features

If you have just upgraded your iOS, you are undoubtedly familiar with all the major iOS 15 functions that let you view movies, play music, and search with family members and friends using FaceTime. There also is Focus, which turns off alerts and conceals interruptions so you can focus better.

Unfortunately, not every one of Apple 15’s most delicate additional features is visible; many are concealed.

We will show you what to do to utilize your cameras to live texts, how to reposition the web address in Browser to what it used to be, as well as how to slide images and other data between applications with iOS 15.

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Ten hidden features of the iPhone

  1. Scanning text with your iPhone’s camera

Have any of you ever desired that you could aim your iOS camera at a board or sheet of cardboard or have it recognize and paste the content into a message or file? It is doable and awesome using iOS 15.

This is a quick method to scan an email off a card, a cell number from a billboard, or, as seen in the photos above, the cover of a textbook and enter it as a single large wall of text.

  1. Return the web address of Safari to the top of your screen

Safari on Apple devices has seen several updates. First, the search bar, along with all its associated functions, has been shifted to the base of the page, which is among the primary changes you will discover after downloading the upgrade on your phone.

The theory is that after relocating the web address to the foot, it would be simpler to navigate Safari or surf the web since all of the icons will be nearer to your finger, but the move will not

suit everybody. And iPhone offers you an option by enabling you to reposition the search bar to the homepage.

  1. Built-in virus and hacker protection 

Apple-designed iOS, the operating system for iPhones, to become as safe as possible. Furthermore, since all applications are screened before being accepted into the Mobile App, the chances of it carrying malware are virtually none. However, it is better to make double cybersecurity and download a VPN on iPhone like VeePN. It is also available for Android. You may need to download Android VPN if you want your phone to be cyber secure. However, Android, unlike iPhone, does not have built-in data protection.

  1. You can translate text from everywhere.

Apple first released the Translation app with iPhone 14; although it can just translate to/from different languages, the capability has been enhanced with iPhone 15.

When you do not want to utilize the independent Translation app, you may select and translate some content on your device. You will see the text editor you are used to seeing when pressing down upon that text to emphasize it. But, if you press the right-hand button, a Translate button should appear.

  1. In the Calculator, press the backspace key.

When you spend more time in the Apple Calculator app, you are probably familiar with the agony of correcting typos and restarting the computation. Thanks to our secret backspace feature, you will not have to use the C and AC keys whenever you make mistakes. Instead, slide to the left to right at the upper of the display to change the numbers. The motion works as a return key command, removing the last set you typed.

  1. Receive notifications through the flash of your camera

This somewhat hidden setting will appeal to all those who favor a visual phone alarm than an aural one: Once you get a notice, you may have your phone’s flash blink many times.

To activate the function, go over to Settings and choose Accessibility. After that, go to Sound and turn on the Led Light for Notifications toggle. You may configure the flashlight to not light whenever the smartphone is calm if you do not want to be bothered. It’s an iPhone technique that has zero to do with taking pics to ensure no one believes you are photographing them when out & about.

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  1. Increase the size of what the camera views.

Zooming in on real-world visuals might come in handy in various scenarios, including when you are straining at a table in a poorly lit cave. To utilize it, go over to Settings, now to Accessibility, now to Magnification to turn it on.

When the Magnifier is turned on, open the Apple Camera application and triple-tap the corner button to get the Magnifier menu. Then, look more closely at anything using the sliders at the bottom right nearer beyond your camera’s magnification.

  1. Make notes in email attachments.

Often an email file is not enough to deliver all necessary information. So use Apple’s built-in Email app to comment on it. You may add digital scrawls, textual overlays, a macro mode magnification window, and digital certificates to attachments.

To make changes to a picture or PDF file you have got, view it and press the markup button in the upper right. Once you click Done, you will be asked how you would like to respond or if you want to undo your changes.

  1. Siri should be taught to use nicknames.

Siri is quite good at determining who you want to like and calling or texting. However, you may speed things up if you include nicknames such as “mom” or “Ellie” to your friends. In truth, Apple’s Contacts application features a section dedicated to this purpose, which Siri may use to recognize people.

  1. Recover your misplaced phone.

It is recommended to complete the Health ID area regardless if you do not use the IOS Health app. Then, when somebody selects the dialer’s Emergencies link, the data you provide here, like allergens and phone numbers for your parent or guardian kin, will show on the home screen. To put it another way, anybody who collects your smartphone has access to this data. Thus, if you misplace your mobile, a kind stranger could indeed tap by to devise a place to get it back to you.

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